Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Laser Tag, Sasquatch and Gladys Knight!

Hello Family and Friends! 
So the weeks have been flying by since being in Arizona! I cant believe that i have almost been here a month! So today was one of the best days so far! On P days we get a few zones together and either have a big indoor soccer game or a big basketball tournament for a few hours. It is so much fun and it gives us all a chance to let loose and have some fun competition for a little while. Well then we got lunch and did our shopping and then the Gilbert zone came back to the church to play LASER TAG. Yes laser tag in the church building! It was LIT! We all played for like 2 hours! So it has been a long but fun day so far! 
We had a lot of teaching opportunities this week, which is really cool. One thing that we have been promoting is a Gladys Knight Fireside. She is coming to Gilbert soon and there has been a very good reaction to it. We are mainly trying to have non members be there, because Gladys has an amazing conversion story. Through all of these firesides that she does people start to take a serious interest in the church and it brings a lot of work for missionaries. So i am very excited for this event! Beside promoting this fireside i feel like Elder Ralph and I have had a lot of success street contacting people. We have given away several Book of Mormon's and it seems like those who accepted them have an interest in the church, so we will be following up with them this week! 
So the member support here is so awesome! They feed us every day of the week. All of the members and even non members want to feed us! They are all so awesome! Last night we ate with with the Woods they are a younger family and we had a very nice in depth conversation about Sasquatch and UFOs. It was one of the better parts of our week haha. 

So every week it seems like we hit milestones. Whether it be the number of people we talk to or the amount or the amount miles we put on our bikes.(which as of today is 175 miles since i have been in the field) Elder Ralph and I love talking and meeting with people, we just want to share the sweet message about how we can center our lives around Christ. I know that the message of putting Christ first is the way that we can grow closer to him! 
Overall i love teaching people. I know that message that missionaries share is true. We have nothing to fear because we want all people to come unto Christ! 
Oh one thing i forgot to mention is that I sprained or rolled my ankle earlier this week. Whoops! Its doing better now. haha Crap happens so i just keep moving forward. I hope that home life is well, but i want you to know that being on a mission is the right thing for me and i wake up so happy everyday because i know that there is a possibility of bringing souls unto Christ! I have to go now but I love you and look forward to hearing from you next week! 
I love you all! 
Elder Ben Kestner
The Crawfords fed us on September 7th..Sister Crawford's sister is Mrs. Koski who teaches at Pocatello High School. Small World