Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We have to Keep Pressing On!

Hello Family and Friends! 

This week has been a really awesome and unique. I have learned so much and we saw multiple blessings. 

Earlier this week we had interviews with the President and that was amazing. President Wheeler is so inspired and he does such an amazing job at being the head of this mission. I really look up to him and he leads by example. 

One really fun thing we did this week was racing in the Pine Wood Derby. So one of the wards that we cover only has 2 cub scouts so they challenged all of the activity day girls and their dads to make some cars so naturally we signed up to do that as well! Last P-day we made our car and put the finishing touches on Tuesday. So when Wednesday came around we were race ready! Unfortunately we didn't win but we did race pretty well and we were probably in like the top 10. Not bad for a couple of Elders haha.

 This week i had the amazing opportunity of conducting my first baptismal interview. It was a very sacred and humbling to me. It was for a young couple who decided to learn more about the church because his Dad is a member. Anyways they were definitely ready for baptism and they were so excited. On Saturday the baptism came around and it was super spiritual. It is so humbling to watch people make promises to follow our savior Jesus Christ. 

One kind of funny thing that happened after the baptism was i was talking to a missionary who used to serve here in AZ and suddenly this random guy got right up in my grill and started to tell me how much he liked my tie. Yes my tie was very beautiful, but within the first 10 seconds it was obvious that he was 3 sheets to the wind.. drunk haha. So i figured it would be some nice entertainment to talk to him for a while. The whole time he was rocking a nice Russian accent. Haha! After we had enough he told us to press on and do the Lords work! 

It was a really awesome week. I loved it. The Church is so true and the Gospel is for everyone. I will agree with the drunk guy. This is the Lords work! We have to keep pressing on! I love you all and hope to hear from you all next week! ​

Elder Ben Kestner