Friday, August 26, 2016

God Speed the Right!

The District
So its the Final Countdown! 
This past week has been so awesome! Starting with today, being P day, we started by going to an early morning temple session. I always look forward to going every week here there is just something so relaxing and calming about going. I just makes you feel like you are home for a little bit haha. So let me tell ya a little bit about my District. There are 7 Elders and 4 Sisters and they are my family here. We spend more than 14 hours a day together so i feel like i have known them forever. Our district leader Elder Wilkerson (in the pictures) is so awesome he is like my brother from another mother! My companion is Elder Campbell and he seems to be pretty alright. It takes some getting used to when you have someone by your side 24 hours a day but we are just about used to it now. The sisters in are districts are rock solid. They are not called to serve missions like the Elders so because they are here you know that they are here to help others come unto Christ. We all came from different ways of life before coming out but because we all have a purpose in being here it is so worth it all of us, and we cant wait to get out to field. One of the Elders in my District is actually from Gilbert Arizona, so he has been giving me the low down on some of the local spots, which is super cool. 

One scripture that keeps on coming up this week is Helaman 5:12 It talks about how if we set a firm foundation based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its teachings we can withstand anything. It is such a blessing to have a roots that is so strong in the Gospel that we can not be moved if we stay faithful. We have investigators here and it is something so unique to be able to hear someone who has zero to no faith in Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ and just after one week they can pray and rely on the Lord to answer there questions, because thats what he wants us to. It has been such an amazing experience and such a testimony builder to see progress like that. On the other hand there has been some almost approved rumors that Elder Holland will be speaking at our devotional tonight!! I dont know if its true yet or not, but i will definitely keep you all posted on that. 

Overall a wonderful week with both highs and lows. The highs are way more memorable than the lows and i love it and its truly has changed the way that i think and do things. I leave next Tuesday to Arizona and im so excited for everything except the heat haha. I would also love some dear elders for the last week here at the MTC :) 
I love you all and God speed the right! 
Elder Kestner
Elder Wilkerson & I

Photo Bomb