Friday, August 26, 2016

Travel Plans

Hey momma 
so i know that its early but i have some time to do laundry and email before i head out tomorrow. First off I will be leaving the MTC around 620 a.m. and my flight is sometime around 1120 or so. I will make an effort to call while i am at the airport, but i did not buy any calling cards or anything so i hope some good mormon family would be so kind to let me use their phone :) My flight says its only 36 minutes but with the time change i think it an hour and a half. I am also flying into the Phoenix airport where i will meet my Mission President. Anyways those are what my plans are looking like and life is so good right now. 
I am excited to get to the field but i will miss my district, they have been so awesome these past few weeks and we dont call ourselves a district anymore because we are family. So my comp is going to AZ and then we have 2 Elders going to Witchita Kansas, 3 Elders going to Ft. Collins Colorado (jealous haha), 2 sisters going to kansas, and 2 sisters going to Independence Missouri. So i dont have that much time to write a big group email but here are some pictures i took at the temple. The ones of us jumping i was with Elder Mohler and the group one im hugging elder Wilkerson! Oh yeah so the one where elder Mohler is is my arms i had jumped and he jumped into my arms while i was in air so that was exciting! 
But in all reality i am so excited to get out of the MTC my comp is driving me bonkers! SO i just cant wait to be in the mission field. I have loved it here but its time to leave the nest. the mtc food is meh at best so its been doing me a number on the toilet. I have been craving Kraft Mac and Cheese and McChickens! Oh and guess who I saw today? Elder Tanner Pearson! Hey and send me pictures of you guys i would love to see you as well! 
i love you and i will email you next from AZ!
Elder Kestner