Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Low Rider

Hey All! 
So i hear it is pretty cold back home. This week in AZ we got down to a bone chilling 48 degrees so i feel the struggle haha! Anyways it has been a great week! 
Mesa Temple

So we had a lot of really fun opportunities this week. The highlight of my week was going with a part member family to the Mesa Temple Christmas Lights. We swung by their house earlier this week and they said that they wanted to take us! They have four members in there family and the only six seater car they have was a classic 66 Chevy Impala.(keep in mind this family is Hispanic haha) So we all piled into to that and we were off to see the lights! Overall it was great! The spirit that can be felt on temple grounds is amazing. I was so glad that we had this chance to go with this great family and have that experience. So after we went to the lights they wanted to take us to a Mexican bakery where they have like hostess type deserts but they are huge! They called this part of Mesa little mexico haha and it was true i didn't understand much of anything that was said haha but it was all amazing! 
Me & Elder Lott

The Low Rider
Another great part of our week was when we followed up with someone that we tracted into the other week. Her name is Judy and when we originally met her we gave her a Book of Mormon and asked her to read and pray about it. So we followed up with her and she had read some of it! She didn't have much time to talk right then so we will go back and see if we can answer some of her questions. It seems like she is pretty genuine about learning more. I know that the gospel can and will answer the questions that we all have! I love you all and look forward to hearing back from you next week! 

Elder Ben Kestner 
Arizona Gilbert Mission