Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thanksgiving & Baptism

Hey Ya'll! 

So this has been a really great week with a lot of great experiences! So to start off Tessie was baptized! It was an amazing Baptism, she was surrounded by all of the ward family. So after her baptism we had a little celebration at there house and Tessie had made a whole bunch of Filipino food from scratch. Lets just say that her food is becoming my favorite! So after all of that ended they wouldn't let us leave without taking half of it home and i was definitely okay with that! 

Baptism Day! Elder Lott, Tessie, & I
The after Baptism Party

So after we had a great baptism on Wednesday we had an amazing thanksgiving day! We had several members in the wards that wanted to have us over for dinner and it was really amazing. The wards are so loving and i am so glad that i am in such a supportive area of the missionaries and missionary work. So all in all we had like 4 Thanksgiving dinner and we were so stuffed that it took most of next day to feel hungry again. Totally worth it though! It seems different to have Christmas with out snow though. You will HAVE to see the Gilbert Temple it is amazing at Christmas! That 25 days of service will be awesome. We are supporting that as missionaries as well so that should be really cool!

We did have one big trial to over come this week though. On Saturday we were doing service at a members house and Elder Lott rolled his ankle pretty bad. Right after he rolled it, it started swelling up almost immediately so we were pretty concerned for him. He was able to walk on it so we had just been keeping a close eye on it the rest of the day. Well we woke up on Sunday morning and it was a nice purple color so that was great. We are going to have it looked at right after we are done emailing so we hope that all turns out well. Sometimes the Lord puts trials in our way for us to overcome. As we do what the lord wants us to do we will grow closer to him. I love this work no matter how hard it is sometimes. As we are exactly obedient the Lord will help us no matter what situation we are in. I Love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Elder Ben Kestner 
Arizona Gilbert Mission