Thursday, January 5, 2017

First Christmas in the AGM!

Hello Family and Friends! 

First off i hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas! It is such a lovely time of year that we have to come closer to our Savior i hope that each of you had a wonderful experience! This has been one of the most memorable Christmas experiences there is just something about being a servant of the Lord and preaching his Gospel during this time of year.
 So some of the highlights this past week was when we were out tracting. Elder Lott and i were going door to door and sharing a message about Jesus Christ and one of the doors we knocked was anti mormon which is always fun for us so we had an interesting conversation with and ended that situation. So the next day we were doing the same thing and we knocked on a Christian preachers door so we were in for it again. So we just had another great conversation with him and left but when things like that happen to us it is just a testimony builder for me because i know what is true and i love the blessing that the gospel has in store for all of us if we chose to accept it in our lives!
Earlier this last week we met as a whole mission and had our Christmas activities as a whole mission the most memorable part of this whole meeting was when we all grabbed ballons that had lights attached to them and went outside to let them off into the night sky. Each balloon represented a baptism that we had throughout the year. As we let all of the balloons off we sang silent night as they all flew into the sky it was an amazing experience! 
Overall this Christmas is one that i will never forget the experience and memories will always stick with me. As we keep Christ in Christmas it will change our perspective and we will come to know our savior. I love you all and i love hearing from you I hope that you have a happy and safe new year! 
Elder Ben Kestner 
Arizona Gilbert Mission