Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Missionary Broadcast, Mountain Biking & Panda

Elder Lott taking in a quick nap on our way back to our area,,
Well hello Family and Friends!

This has been a very busy week over in East Mesa!

So to start it all out on Wednesday we had the Worldwide Mission Broadcast. In that Broadcast they addressed that we will be having some pretty significant daily schedule changes. So now in the morning we decide at what time we want to work out, study, and eat breakfast, we still have to wake up at 630 and be out the door to work at 10 but i like this new schedule it will be different for a while but i can see why they made the change.
Me & Elder Merritt
 This past week we went back to the farm. The farm is awesome and we go every week. I held a 2 week old baby goat named Panda! It was so cute and this thing loved me!

As far as teaching goes we have been really busy in the last few weeks trying to contact all of the people in the wards that we cover. We have been able to pick up a few people that are interested in learning more about the church and the things that we believe. I love to share the Gospel with people. We have an amazing message about our Savior and we can study it every single day. All of our current investigators are the nicest of people and they have true questions about who our savior is and what his role is in our lives. There is nothing like seeing someone come to know about Jesus Christ on a personal level, it is amazing.
Elder Merritton our exchanges this week
You know we knocked on that Door! haha
 So earlier this morning 3 of us Elders had the chance to go mountain biking with one of Elder Hollands members and i knew that we were in for a treat when he told us that he is an Iron-man athlete. So at 10 o'clock we loaded up and were off to the trail. We road for a few hours in the AZ desert and when it was all said and done we had ridden 13.5 miles and the temperatures was in the 70's and clear for all of the ride. All of it was amazing. Definitely a great experience.

Transfer calls will come on Sunday night, probably pretty late. Either Elder Lott or I will transfer. Normally after the first 12 weeks they separate from their trainer. I know it will be one of us, but we don't know who. I love my Mission President, President Wheeler. He is super chill and I trust and support him.
Me & Elder Merritt..I Don't know who's glasses these are??
 Well that is pretty much all i can remember about this week. I love the work and i love the simple Doctrines that the Gospel has. When we come to know more fully who our Savior is we will feel his love more abundantly in our life. I love you all and i hope you have a great week!

Elder Ben Kestner