Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Lambos, Service & Stake Conference

Hey Fam! 

So this week has been a stellar week. 

During the week we went on exchanges and did a ton of service but all in all a successful week! So to start out the week we went over to the Terry's, who are some members in our ward, to help them move some rock in there back yard. So 4 Elders ended up by moving 7 tons of gravel and rock. It was definitely work but we love to help those in need! 
 So later that day we were biking around and we saw an older gentlemen who is a very devout catholic but a really nice guy. We have talked to him a few times in the past because he puts up this amazing Christmas lights display right in front of his house. Anyways when we saw him we stopped and started to help him take it all down. We were able to get it all taken down in just under 2 hours so that day was full of service. I love service because i love helping people out the joy that it brings is second to none.

So on Sunday night we were about to head in for the night and we saw a unicorn in our neighborhood. There was a bright orange Lamborghini lurking on the street. So of course we stopped to talk to the guy about it. He said he has had it for a few years and he was even nice enough to let us sit in it! It was definitely a cool experience and i learned that they don't make those things to sit big ol boys like myself haha 
On Friday we went by Kenyon one of our investigators and we talked to him about the Plan of Salvation and baptism. He has read over 500 pages of the Book of Mormon. Did i mention that he is 13 years old? It is awesome! We invited him to come to Stake Conference with us and he was excited to come. He texted later on Saturday night and asked if his 9 year old sister could come as well. So we were super glad to have both of them with us for Stake Conference and they really enjoyed hearing from Elder Cordon of the General Authority 70. They both said that they want to come to church with us next week as well! I know they are feeling the spirit and it is beginning to grow inside of them. 

In closing one thing that really stuck out to me this week is the blessing that it is to share the Gospel. I want to invite all of you to look for a chance to share the Gospel with someone. It can really change lives and i know that it can change yours as well. I love you all and i love hearing from you. I hope that you have a great week! 

Elder Ben Kestner