Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Transfers & Roadside Blessings

To get this email rolling we received transfer calls on Sunday night. So Elder Lott is going to be staying and I will be leaving the promised land of the Desert Valley and Stratford Estates wards. I have served here for 3 transfers and loved every minute of it. So it will be a bitter sweet goodbye but i am so excited to see where i will be going next.
P-Day activities
 Anyways this past week has been amazing! We have been really busy contacting people and finding investigators.

One really awesome experience that we have had this week was when we were meeting with our Investigator Letecia. When we went to meet with her she had invited her Mom and Son to talk to us as well so we were super pumped to be apart of that. Her son shared an amazing experience that he had with feeling the Holy Ghost and the comfort that it brings. We shared with them that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know us personally and that the Holy Ghost is that comforter. So it was really cool.

Speaking of investigators and the Holy Ghost we had a really cool thing that happened on Thursday. While we were biking around we saw a kid riding his scooter down the road and we just waved at him as he rode by and right after we passed him i heard a very familiar quite voice tell me "go and talk to him" so when you get promptings like that you do not ignore those. So we locked up the brakes and turned around and caught up to him. That is how we met Corey. So when we stopped him he said that he is looking to get on a better path and that he prays every night for help to do what is right. So we starting talking about the things that God does for us and we told him that God does hear his prayers and he knows the things that he struggles with. So we set up a time and met with him again on Friday and taught him the whole message of the Restoration. It was awesome. I am really excited to hear about how he does these next few weeks.
Back at the Farm
 While Elder Lott and i were out biking just a little while after dark we passed a guy on the road who was riding in the opposite direction. He yelled at us and said Missionaries so just like always we locked up the brakes and headed back towards him. At this time as we were getting closer I smelt the very strong scent of alcohol. So when we met him he just asked us if we hold the "Melchizedek" and said he needed a blessing. So he asked us which one of us had it and we told him that we both do so he knelt down on the sidewalk right next to the road and i gave the blessing to him. This guy was so drunk that he was not making a whole lot of sense but he told us that he was a member and that he hadn't been to church in a while. Right as we were leaving he just yelled and said "Mormon Strong! Mormon Power!" We just said "Amen Brother" and rode off so that was great experience for us all. ( Side Note:

Well that pretty much sums up my week i learned a lot and i learned to put the trust in the Lord. He is always there and he knows our personal needs and concerns. I love you all and i cant wait to hear from you next week. Keep your heads up and press on!

Elder Ben Kestner
P-Day lunch with the E. Mesa Elders