Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Our Purpose

A pretty creative net?
Hello Family and Friends! 
So this week has been very busy and lots of good things have happened. We almost had a meeting every single day this week so that was pretty cool. One of the highlights this week was leading out my first district meeting. It was very cool and i noticed in my studies that i had refocused on our purpose as missionaries. When we truly focus on our purpose and live that purpose in everything we do we will see miracles. So that district meeting was so awesome i know that if anything else i learned a whole lot more about our purpose. 

So just a little bit of a back story... When i first got into this new area 2 weeks ago there was not a whole lot of teaching going on so we have really been trying our best to pick up whatever we can as far as teaching goes. With a lot of praying and a lot of faith we went out and worked and talked to as many people as we could. During this last week we had this goal to tract all this one road. The name of the street is "happy road" so we figured we were not going to be bummed out tracting through all of it haha. It took us a few days but after it was all said and done we met one really nice lady named Rochelle. When we knocked on Rochelle's door she was very nice and friendly to us. She said that she has some questions about our church and that if she ever joined another church it would be our church. So we starting teaching her a little bit and left her with a Book of Mormon. One really inspiring thing that she said was that she wanted to know more about our church because she works with a Doctor who is LDS and just by him being a nice and open member about his faith she wanted to learn more. Sometimes we do not fully know the influence that we have on someone else just by living what we believe.
Just in case you forgot what I looked like..
 On Thursday we had the awesome opportunity to hear from President and Sister Wheeler at Zone Conference. They solely taught about how we should apply and live the simple Doctrine of Christ. The Gospel is so simple and it holds so much power. Jesus Christ made a perfect example of how we can live that Doctrine and by doing the simple things not only as missionaries but also as members we can truly feel his love and guidance through our daily lives. That is mostly what i got out of that conference but it is what i need to hear. President Wheeler is an inspired man and he has a great understanding of what we need to know and teach as missionaries. 

That is pretty much all of my week. I love this work and i love all of the people that i serve along side with, both members and missionaries. The Gospel is so simple and so true. Let it help you through your trials. I love you all and i hope that all is well!

Elder Ben Kestner
I saw this sign in our area and I thought Dad would like it..