Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Pigs and Service

More bike problems..not fun!
 Hello Family and Friends! 

This has been a really unique week with a lot of really cool experiences. So to start off i have to say that i really enjoy tracting. Going door to door and trying to share the gospel is so unique and it makes for so many great memories. This weeks tracting funny moment was hilarious. So there we was out tracting some dirt roads getting to see who is who. While doing so we approached this house and out of the corner of the yard this big pot belly pig starts chasing after us and to top that off it was barking like a dog. Yes this pig could bark like a dog. So as we composed ourselves the pig turned out to be really friendly and it really enjoyed being scratched on the back. Hands down it was one of the best things that i have ever witnessed. 

Anyways a little later in the week we were out contacting a new move in to the ward and as we got there we saw that this Sister needed some help putting slats into her fence. So we took the chance to stop and help her get the project done. We love to do service. It does not matter what we are currently doing we are there to help. We ended up by helping this sister finish this project in just under an hour. We were grateful to be there at that time to help. 
This week in my studies i came across a passage of scripture that i pondered on for a little bit. It is in Mosiah 23:5 It says "And they pitched their tents and began to till the ground, and began to build buildings; yea,they were industrious , and did labor exceedingly" I really like the use of the word industrious it is defined as the value of work. And the definition of work is an activity of effort. So that led me to think about that in the Gospel sense. Are we working in Gospel to do the things we are supposed to? or are we being industrious? which would make this work a very great value. As i thought about this i know that as we focus on the Lord and be industrious in the Gospel that we will make this work of the greatest importance. And i know that this Gospel deserves to be that important. 

That pretty much sums up all of my week. I love you all and hope that all is going well! 

Elder Ben Kestner